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Forester Carbide Insert Semi-Chisel Chain Saw Chain - 3/8 Ext, .050

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Please Read/Acknowledge

Carbide Chain is NOT indestructible. With all of the advantages, teeth can break if improperly used. Please inspect your chain prior to use and if any issues contact us before the chain is installed. There is no warranty for broken/missing teeth after use.
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The Forester Carbide Insert Chain was developed for longer cutting edge life, resulting in less frequent sharpening. Carbide chain cuts up to 1615 ft² (150m²) of wood before filing would be needed. In contrast a regular chain only cuts on average between 194-215 ft² (18-20m²) of wood before needed filing.


  • Lasts over 3x longer than conventional chains
  • Low-vibration (Note: Does not meet low kickback ANSI)
  • Suited for cutting dirty or treated woods, roots, frozen logs, and hardwoods
  • Tooth is laser welded

Chain Information

  • Carbide Type - Laser Welded Insert
  • Tooth Type - Semi Chisel
  • Pitch - 3/8" Ext
  • Gauge - .050
  • Rounded Tooth
  • Safety Link - No
  • File Size - 5/32"

Important Information: Carbide Chain is NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE and is only designed to cut wood. It will last up to 3x longer than using a regular chain in the same cut. The end user needs to be aware of a few things.

  1. Please stop using when dull. A dull carbide chain is susceptible to teeth heating up and falling off. This piece of carbide would be in the cut and can damage the rest of your chain.
  2. Ensure cutting wood only. If you hit a foreign object, teeth can break off.
  3. Wood cannot cause damage to a carbide tooth.